The IADD is committed to educating its members on the challenges, solutions and activity surrounding wellbore surveying. Bellow are just a few highlights. For more information or to add content to the website, please click on the contact us (envelope button) on the upper right of the page.


Approximately 60 people attended an API-sponsored meeting that was held at the Marriott North Houston on April 6 to write RP 78. Roland Goodman of the API gave a presentation on the API process to create specifications, standards, recommended practices, bulletins, and technical reports. The document, which is being written on directional surveying is a “Recommended Practice”.

A second presentation, which was given by Lisa Grant of Noble Energy, described the work already performed by the Operators Wellbore Survey Group (OWSG) to organize the topics and create initial sections where possible.

Over the last six months, a subgroup from the OWSG has met every other week to initiate work on this important initiative. Section leaders have been designated to ensure coordination between the sections and maintain the directions that have already been decided. During Lisa’s presentation, each of the sections was presented and described. At the end of the meeting, attendees were encouraged to sign up to participate in writing one or two sections for which they have a passion. Participating in the construction of these sections was not required; but if an individual signed up, they were encouraged to participate and not to be just “a name on the list”. Anyone interested in participating but was unable to attend the initial meeting, is encouraged to contact either Lisa Grant or the Section Leader for the section(s) in which they are interested. Please see the attendee list and Lisa’s presentation for Section Leaders names and their contact emails.


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