The Mud Motor Industry Steering committee met August 25 and after a typically lively meeting we have three initiatives that we are endeavoring to accomplish this year:

  1. A white paper that will seek to outline the uses and benefits of Dyno testing on motors. Dyno testing has dominated the mudmotor discussions in 2016 and we will seek to address the issues surrounding this procedure. Bill Murray with Wenzel will be chairing this sub-committee. If you are interested in participating in this please contact him at
  1. A Mudmotor Classification system. This will give us a way to quickly assess the capabilities of a given motor. Ed Dew and Craig Brown will be heading up this committee. Contact Ed at
  1. A Mudmotor Grading system. Similar to the dull-grading of a bit, this system will give a preliminary assessment of the condition of the Mudmotor as it comes out of the whole, and also establish guidelines for reporting after the in-shop tear down. There is no assigned chair for this yet, so contact Jim Oberkircher at

Get involved and contact one of the chairs and volunteer your time and talent.

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