The sub-committee has set out two main tasks to focus on intially:  Standardizing a way to collect data in a consistent format and looking to establish testing criteria for drilling dynamics data.

Data-collection Efforts -

Mark Norris – SDI; Brett Barre – MS Energy

Collecting uniform data – Should Operators collect or Service Companies or Both?

Action Items:

  • Data collection Template
  • Agree on the presentation of data
  • Common Starting Point
    • Pilot in the Permian

Drilling Dynamics –

Ken Miller – Erdos Miller; Mike Nero

Action Item - Establish testing Criteria

Committee on Standards

  • Blaine Comeaux – Quititut
  • Mark Miller - Legacy
  • Mike Nero - MicroTesla
  • David Gibson - Lodestar
  • Bret Barre - MS Energy
  • Mark Norris - Scientific
  • Ken Miller - Erdos Miller


Blaine Comeaux has agreed to chair this section.

Next conference Call – 10/28/16 – Friday at 10:00: Mark Norris to set up Go To Meeting