Participants:                                                       Task/homework:

Peach Holtzman, Devon                               

Pete Cariveau, BasinTek

Bruce Davenport, BasinTek

Iain Belcher, Roper                                          To provide dyno model/schematic for purposes of component identification

Nicholas Davaul, Dyna-Drill/SLB

Phillip Bailey, Dyna-Drill/SLB

Samba Ba, SLB                                                   To provide initial list of all dyno related data/variables (major fit, minor fit, RPM, Torque, etc.)

Daniel Alvarado, NOV                                     To provide initial draft of discussion on performance testing duration (time to run perf test)

Daniel Langlinais, IADD/MPE

Bo Collette, TurboDrill                                    To provide initial list of all dyno related terminology and initial draft of fit versus performance discussion

Bill Murray, Wenzel                                        To provide initial draft of description of “What is function testing”

Tasked participants hope to send their initial drafts to the group for review/comment as soon as put together, but must be ready for discussion/review upon next meeting, which is scheduled for 10/27.

 It was decided that the initial document/spec could be released without the summary of commercially available dynamometers.  This could be a quick easy follow on addition/revision once we have the spec done so that we could document how each commercially available dyno addressed the necessities/requirements for function/performance testing.  We would only list commercially available dynamometers (VON, Texas-Pro, etc.) and not those used exclusively for internal use (SLB, Baker, NOV, etc.).