As a member and corporate sponsor of IADD, it was a privilege to share our expertise on the topic of MWD shock absorbers at the September luncheon as part of the high-capacity BHA series. Although LORD is becoming known, in the IADD membership, for our downhole shock and vibration attenuation products, our motion and vibration control solutions actually stem back almost 100 years to the aerospace and industrial sectors.

To help solve downhole tool problems, our engineers realized that the oil and gas industry faced the same problems in drilling applications as the aerospace industry did with heat, shock and vibration in flight operations. Downhole tools cope with similar materials, temperatures and conditions encountered by fixed-wing aircraft. Aviation components, as a result of the rapid changes in flight altitudes, are in contact with extremely hot engine temperatures, and then are subjected to very low temperatures. This fluctuating range of temperatures along with the high shock loads from turbulence and landing makes shock and vibration isolation and control critically important for aircraft equipment. This expertise led to development of a family of shock and vibration products designed to enhance the reliability of downhole tools including snubbers, the axial isolator, and the SoftShoe isolator. These solutions help to mitigate shock and vibration that can destroy sensitive measurement equipment on downhole tools. The products LORD develops for the oil and gas industry use proprietary elastomers specifically designed for oil resistance and/or high-temperature environments depending on the requirements of each application.

We help increase the value and durability of your products in the most challenging downhole and offshore environments. In addition to snubbers and isolators that increase the reliability of MWD electronics, our products include surface equipment mounts, sensing solutions, and offshore flexible joints, packers, and elastomeric bearings. Our dedicated team is available to collaborate with you to reduce risk and improve performance of your equipment in the harshest applications.

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