September 27-29, 2016 MWD Technology Forum Presentations

Shawn DeVerse, Surcon - "High Accuracy Wellbore Surveys, Vertical Depth Accuracy" 

Terry Frith, Gordon Technologies - "Using Drilling Dynamics to Reduce Drilling Costs"

Jon Weatherly, NOV - "Reliability"

Jason Roe, XACT - Transmission Systems - "Maximum Potential Bandwidth"

David Switzer, Impetro Engineering - Transmission Systems, "EVO ONE Unitfied Telemetry

Neil Bergstrom, Colorado Goscience, Inc. - "High Accuracy Wellbore Surveys Multi-Station Analysis (MSA)

Mike Nero, MicroTesla - "4 AM Advanced Directional Instrument" 

Bob Funk, W-Technology Link - "Manufacturers Role in Support DD Technology

Fred Harvey, MsC Software - "Drilling System...Dynamic Hydro-Geo-Mechanics"

Bob Joyce, DynaQual Test Labs - "Reliability Testing of MWD Assemblies, Developing a Standard"

Gary Smith, Roto-Slide - Rotary Steerable Performance & Mud Motor Value"

Mark Willerth, Scientific Drilling - "How Much Does You Ellipse Need?"

Blaine Comeaux, Qittitut Consulting - "Current State of MWD Technology"

Ed Dew, EG Dew Consulting - "ISCWSA Recap & Introduction"