March 1, 2017 IADD Continuous Improvement in Mud Motor Performance  Mini Forum - Midland Texas

Bo Collette, Turbo Drill Industries - "Designing Motors for Specific Applications"

Craig Brown, APS Technology - "Classification System"

Dan Merchant, National Oilwell Varco - "Grading System"

Scott Williams, Apache - "Critical Issues/Obstacles to Improving Performance"

Peach Holtzman, Devon Energy - "PDM Dyno Test Evaluation Criteria"

Posters: Mud Motor Classifiction Poster

             Qi2 Poster


June 29, 2016 Permian Mud Motor Mini Forum - Midland Texas

Roland Illerhaus, Integrity Directional Services - Disciplined Application Engineering yields Motor Performance Improvement Reliability in High Impact Drilling Environment

Mark Hutchinson, Leader Drilling International - Characterizing Mud-Motors

Dr. Andrew S. Elliott, MSC Software Corp. - Motor Testing Simulation Using A Virtual Dynamometer

Keith Butler, Ryan Gee, NOV - Elaboration on Dyno Testing

Gary Smith, Roto-Slide - Rotary Steerable Performance Mud Motor Value

Jeffery Ward, Scientific Drilling Int'l - Enhanced Drilling Services

Lonnie Smith, Turnco - Giving You What You Want

Malcolm Grant, Steve Jones, Turbo Drill Industries - The Quality Approach


April 28, 2015 Mud Motors Presentations - Austin Texas

Targeted Technology Series Welcome

Targeted Technology Series IADD Motor Presentation

Lonnie Smith, Turnco LLC - "Turning Innovation into Insights"

Dr. Gunther, Ashmin Research - "Technical Limits and Challenges for Mud Motors Today"

Ian Stevenson, Phoenix Technology Services - "That's Just The Way It Is"

Raju Gandikota; MindMesh Inc. - "Power Section Distribution"

Ed Dew, SWN - "YOU GET WHAT YOU GOT / Results of MM yields study"

Matthew Isbell, Hess Corporation - "Obtaining the Best Mud Motor Performance"

Bill Chmela, Motive Drilling Technologies - "Reduced Drilling Costs Through Automated Bit Guidance"

Targeted Technology Series - MMISC

Targeted Technology Series - IADD MMISC Update

Seven Plake, Rig Chat - "Rig Chat"

Targeted Technology Series RigChat Slides

Jim Oberkircher, IADD - "Wrap Up"

Peter Shwets, National Oilwell Varco - “What is a Win?” - Operators Session

Tim Barnard, Occidental USA Inc. - "What is a Win?" Operators Session