Mud Motor Industry Steering Committee

In November 2015, more than 200 operators, service companies and suppliers converged in Austin, Texas, to discuss mud motor technology, processes and challenges that affect the industry. Key discussion points included “What is a win” and “How do we align objectives.” At the end of the Mud Motor Forum, the IADD took an action item . . . to establish a Mud Motor Industry Steering Committee (MMISC).

This group, which is led by Sean Brady of Anadarko, Peter Shwets of NOV, and Dan Langlinais of MPE Solutions, seeks to establish goals, objectives and a setting where open dialogue between operators, service companies and suppliers can be exchanged to determine the most effective path forward. The MMISC and IADD will use this information to drive the development of new technology and to establish guidelines and best practices to make the industry more cost-effective and efficient. This combined knowledge will also be used to educate the industry and develop an arena for sharing key knowledge and information.

The MMISC has met a few times and are determining next steps, including establishing focused sub-committees in the coming months and addressing some of the most pressing issues facing the Mud Motor industry. Be on the lookout for additional news surrounding this exciting initiative, including a recap at a special event on April 28. If you would like to participate on the committee, sub-committee or focus groups, please contact IADD.

Steering Committee Co-chairs:

Tim Barnard – Oxy
Peter Shwets – NOV Wellbore Technologies
Dan Langlinais – MPE Solutions

Operator subcommittee:

Braxton Minor, Concho Resources

Users group subcommittee:

David Youngblood – Wellbenders