The International Academy of Directional Drilling, in partnership with Northwestern State University, offers a wide range of certified course materials that are presented by various seasoned industry academic instructors.

The Fundamentals in Directional Drilling Course, which is the first in a series of three courses delivered to students, establishes a working knowledge of directional drilling terms and fundamentals.

Numerous case studies, animations and videos are presented throughout the course that enables participants to appreciate the science and art of directional drilling. Drilling simulators are also available to mimic actual directional drilling scenarios.




Daniel "Doc" Anthony

Doc is the Director of the International Academy of Directional Drilling. He began his directional career in 1990 at ENSCO Technology. Since that time, Doc has worked for multiple companies, including Dailey Directional, BecField, Radius, Maverick Directional and Weatherford International where he worked as a Field Engineer, Drilling Services District Manager, DD Technical Manager, MWD/LWD Operations Manager, Senior DD, Senior MWD/LWD Engineer, Vice President of Operations, and North American Manager for RSS/DD operations. He also started Modern Magnetics and Renegade Mud Motors to address the industry’s need for high performance downhole mud motors.


David E. Youngblood

David is currently with Wellbenders Directional Services. With 30+ years O&G experience, ranging from Directional Driller to President and COO, he has been key in the growth and expansion of various DD companies, with responsibilities for all aspects of the business including sales, planning, operations, finance, legal and administration. David's directional drilling experience includes the Gulf of Mexico, Tunisia, Texas, Louisiana, the Rocky Mountains and Canada. His areas of expertise include drilling and oversight of numerous types of wells including conventional directional wells, horizontals, casing and openhole whipstock sidetracks, multilaterals, deepwater drilling, and extended-reach drilling.