Our June meeting was held on the 21st at Landry’s in The Woodlands. Shelly Corey from BHGE hosted the event as one of the IADD Houston board members. Industry experts from SLB, BHGE, NOV, HAL, and Beyond Limits have shared their respective viewpoints about near bit measurements

While we all seem to want sensors located as close as possible to the cutting face, the IADD event was focused on addressing the question as to why certain data should be collected at the bit, what information it will provide to the operator, and what the challenges are to provide a reliable data stream.

The event was well attended with over 100 people. Both, the panelists and the audience deserve big thanks you who actively participated in the discussion.

On July 26th we will be discussing vibration measurements, resulting issues, and ways to mitigate negative effects. Experts from service providers will be presenting some of the available data acquisition systems, examples of data collected, its interpretation, and vibration mitigation equipment to improve the life of BHA components and MWD systems. Mike Baraniak from TOMAX will be hosting the event

Please join us at Landry’s Seafood Restaurant in The Woodlands for another exciting opportunity to contribute and learn.

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