May 21, 2018

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As the industry has moved from drilling primarily vertical wells to horizontal, the ability to steer, navigate and stay in the target reservoir zone has become more important. The need to understand the reservoir and its most prolific zones has also increased. While geosteering capabilities have improved over the years, they have often created scenarios that put them at odds with conventional drilling objectives.

Join us at the IADD Targeted Technology Series, featuring geosteering solutions, where we’ll have a constructive dialogue about what can be done to satisfy both camps as attendees will hear from presenters on how we can identify and discuss these sometimes-conflicting criteria. An industry networking charity golf event will follow the forum.

Whether you choose to attend either the forum or golf, or both, we look forward to seeing you on May 21!



  • Hear from industry leaders and geosteering experts through a series of panel presentations that will discuss:
    • Operator needs
    • Drilling issues
    • New technology
  • Network with your coworkers, clients and industry colleagues over 18 holes of golf



  • Forum co-chair: Greg O’Donnell, Pioneer Natural Resources 
  • Forum committee: Bill Lesso, Independent Drilling Advisor
  • Forum committee: Marty Paulk, Disruptovate, LLC
  • Golf tournament co-chair: Shelly Cory, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
  • Golf tournament committee: Alan Tannehill, NOV


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Featured Speakers
Speaker: Greg O'Donnell - Director of Corporate Geoscience Operations, Pioneer Natural Resources
Speaker Greg O'Donnell - Director of Corporate Geoscience Operations, Pioneer Natural Resources

Greg O’Donnell graduated from Texas A&M in 1979 with a BS degree in Geophysics and got his first job with ARCO in Midland Texas. In the 19 years with ARCO, Greg had a variety of seismic interpretation assignments and work locations, in both their domestic and international companies before joining a very small private E&P company in 1998 located in Dallas. In this smaller firm, he continued his prospect generation assignments but got more involved in the drilling operations. Greg joined Pioneer in 2005 to work the company’s international projects in Tunisia and West Africa that included a transfer to London. In 2011, after 30+ years of technical assignments, Greg was asked to manage the geosteering operations for Pioneer’s South Texas assets. In 2014, Pioneer merged the two existing geosteering operations into one corporate group, and named Greg the Director of Corporate Geoscience Operations. Greg married to his wife Germaine in 1980 and has two children: James and his wife Misa, who lives in Seattle; and Rachel currently living in LA. After their children moved away they started a second family- rescuing 4 small mini-dachshunds that keeps them very entertained and busy!

Speaker: Shelly Cory - Drill Bit Global Product Line Manager, Baker Hughes, a GE Company
Speaker Shelly Cory - Drill Bit Global Product Line Manager, Baker Hughes, a GE Company

Shelly Cory is currently the Baker Hughes Kymera™ Hybrid Drill Bit Global Product Line Manager. She received her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M. Since joining Baker Hughes in 2000, she has worked across multiple product lines, including drill bits, chemicals, pumps and pressure pumping, in various functional roles, from manufacturing, marketing, sales, commercial, IT, application engineering, operations and product line development. Shelly is involved in PinkPetro, Million Women Mentored and resource groups such as Women's Resource Group (steering committe member). She also leads STEM initiatives (keynote speaking and multiple customer collaborations), is a SPE committee member and joined the IADD North Chapter as a Board Member.

Speaker: Alan Tannehill - NAM BD Manager, NOV
Speaker Alan Tannehill - NAM BD Manager, NOV

Alan Tannehill began his career as an MWD operator for Teleco in the early 80s, and has been involved with introducing new drilling and EM/MWD technology since then. He has authored multiple SPE papers on these subjects and was one of the original founders of IADD. Currently based in Houston, Alan is the NAM BD Manager for NOV’s line of rotary steerable systems. 

Speaker: Bill Lesso - Independent Drilling Mechanics Advisor
Speaker Bill Lesso - Independent Drilling Mechanics Advisor

Bill Lesso is currently an independent Drilling Mechanics Advisor. He works on multiple drilling process development projects, mostly centering around geosteering, automated directional drilling, casing/liner drilling, and wired drillpipe applications. He retired from Schlumberger after 30 years in 2006. There he held various positions in the development of drilling analysis products and drilling projects. Bill's projects were usually involving horizontal wells, first in the general drilling practice and later in accurate placement or geosteering. He has managed projects in Malaysia, the Middle East, Venezuela and the Gulf of Mexico. Previously he worked in wireline petrophysical logging. Bill has written numerous papers and has several patents on drilling mechanics issues. He obtained a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas.

Speaker: Buzz Davis - Sr. Staff Geophysicist, Pioneer Natural Resources
Speaker Buzz Davis - Sr. Staff Geophysicist, Pioneer Natural Resources

Buzz Davis graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1986 with a BS degree in Geophysical Engineering. His career started with Amoco Production Company in New Orleans and Houston, working mostly in the gulf coast as both a seismic interpreter and seismic processor. After nine years, Buzz left Amoco and worked for Advanced Geophysical / Landmark / Halliburton, helping build geoscientific software. In 2005, Buzz joined Pioneer in their Denver office working their Rockies assets. He then moved to Dallas to join the GeoOperations team where he works with their geosteerers to help them incorporate seismic data in their interpretations so that they can give the directional drillers the best targeting information possible.

Speaker: Marty Paulk - Business Innovation Consultant, Disruptovate, LLC
Speaker Marty Paulk - Business Innovation Consultant, Disruptovate, LLC

Marty Paulk graduated from the University of Texas with a Petroleum Engineering degree, and has more than 25 years' experience in the oilfield services sector. He started as an MWD/LWD field engineer for Teleco Oilfield Services/Baker Hughes. He later worked as a Product Line Manager for Halliburton Drilling Services, joined a skunkworks project team to develop a composite coiled tubing drilling system for accessing bypassed pay, served on the Sperry global operations management team, worked for Landmark to develop 3D geosteering applications, and developed a drilling automation strategy for Halliburton’s Drilling and Formation Evaluation division. After 18 years at Halliburton, he held executive management roles for Integrated Drilling Equipment, Key Energy Service and Nabors Drilling Solutions, helping to drive strategic, technical and business innovation. Today Marty has his own consulting company, Disruptovate. 

Speaker: Ed Stockhausen - Geosteering Specialist, Chevron
Speaker Ed Stockhausen - Geosteering Specialist, Chevron

Ed Stockhausen specializes in horizontal well planning and geosteering applications to support Chevron’s worldwide drilling operations.  Ed graduated from the University of Florida with an MS degree in Geology in 1981. Over the next 16 years, Ed held various Exploration and Production Geology positions for Chevron in New Orleans, focusing on Gulf of Mexico area field development.  For the past 20 years, Ed has been responsible for leading the development and deployment of geosteering technology for Chevron worldwide. Ed has presented papers and posters at various technical conferences, forums, and society meetings on horizontal well case histories, geosteering methods, and the design of flexible well-paths plan.  His most recent work focuses on the use of real-time continuous survey data to improve well positioning and placement, the evaluation of azimuthal GR tools, and quantifying azimuthal density log responses in high angle and horizontal well drilled in thinly laminated sediments.

Speaker Michael Costello - Technical Advisor, Quantico Energy

Mr. Costello is an interpretive geophysicist with 34 years in exploration, development and research geophysics at Shell Oil and Royal Dutch Shell. His experience includes integrated team lead roles, resource/reserve reporting and integrated technical advisory roles including Chief Geophysicist and International Unconventional Hydrocarbon Maturation Manager. Mr. Costello is a proven exploration opportunity generator with multiple significant discoveries in Deepwater Brazil and Gulf of Mexico; an expert reservoir geophysicist with skills in all aspects of quantitative interpretation/AVO and reservoir surveillance; and an integrated thinker with ability to meld his leading edge individual technical contributions with others of all disciplines to build attractive business opportunities. For the past 18 months, Mr. Costello has been a technical advisor to Quantico in providing industry-leading synthetic log products using drilling data and big data methodologies.

Speaker: Ali Rodriguez - North America Drilling Services Manager, Gyrodata Inc.
Speaker Ali Rodriguez - North America Drilling Services Manager, Gyrodata Inc.

Ali Rodriguez has been working in the Directional business since 2000. After finishing his Petroleum Engineering degree in Czechoslovakia, he started working as a Drilling Engineer in Colombia. Ali later moved to Canada, where he worked for Precision Energy Services, which was acquired by Weatherford, where he held different positions in the Directional Drilling Product Line. Ali started with Gyrodata in 2016 as a Directional Drilling Manager, and was later promoted to North America Directional Drilling Manager. 

Speaker: Sean Palmer - Operations Geologist, Targeted GeoVision, LLC.
Speaker Sean Palmer - Operations Geologist, Targeted GeoVision, LLC.

Sean Palmer started his oilfield career as a Mud Logger and onsite Geosteerer. Sean then transitioned to an In-House Geosteerer in Tulsa, OK, where he put standards and procedures in place to ensure higher in-zone percentages. Over the next few years, he opened 2 in-house Geosteering Centers in Oklahoma City and Houston. He also worked at Hess as an Operations Geologist for their Bakken drilling program. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Geology from the University of North Carolina and is an active member of AAPG and the Houston Geological Society.

Speaker: Nate Anderson - Vice President of Operations, Noralis LLC
Speaker Nate Anderson - Vice President of Operations, Noralis LLC

Nate joined Gyrodata Inc. after graduating from the Colorado School of Mines with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He worked as a field operator, coordinator and global product line manager, and traveled the world, performing field work in the North Sea, France, Middle East, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, and all major US shale plays. Nate is currently with Noralis Ltd. He has specialized in gyro and MWD solutions.

Speaker: Jerry Keen - Houston District Manager, Cathedral Energy Services
Speaker Jerry Keen - Houston District Manager, Cathedral Energy Services

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Augusta Pines Golf Club

18 Augusta Pines Dr
Spring, TX 77389


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Augusta Pines Golf Club

18 Augusta Pines Dr
Spring, TX 77389