New Artificial Lift Designs & Production Optimization Technologies Permian Basin Congress 2018

January 23, 24 & 25 - Houston, Texas


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American Business Conferences’ flagship Permian Production Optimization Congress returns to Houston on January 23, 24 & 25, rebranded as the New Artificial Lift Designs & Production Optimization Technologies Permian Basin Congress 2018, packed with E&P case studies and dollar-driven solutions to…


‘Maximize Production Out Of Existing Assets’

‘Reduce Lifting Costs & Downtime’

‘Reduce Well Failure Frequency’


The January 2018 event is designed to explore cost-effective ways to practically implement the latest tools to market and optimize production performance.


Speakers & Panelists Include:


  • Matt Berkebile, Senior Production Engineer, Diamondback Energy Inc
  • Younes El Fadili, EVP Operations, Fortuna Resources
  • Guy Jordan, Engineer Petroleum, Whiting Corporation
  • Mark Linroth, Technical Services Director, Kinder Morgan



2018 Agenda > What Will You Learn On January 23,24 & 25

  • New E&P Operational Strategies & Application Of Artificial Lift Technologies
  • Innovative Strategies To Minimize Overall Lifting Costs
  • Establishing Artificial Lift Lifecycle Ownership Costs & Pay Points
  • Artificial Lift Design Strategy > In-Depth Case Studies
  • Artificial Lift Selection Strategies By Play Type, Pay Zone & Stage Of The Well’s Lifecycle
  • Artificial Lift Progression: Determine Initial Crossover Points & Appropriate Switching Timing
  • Artificial Lift Application Strategies: Tying ESP, Rod Pump, Jet Pump and Gas Lift Technologies With Performance
  • Game-Changing Innovations In Production & Artificial Lift Automation Technologies & Software Systems
  • Minimize The Frequency Of Well Bore & Equipment Failure, And Workover Rates
  • Minimize Sand And Scale & Corrosion Related Failures
  • Innovative Materials To Prevent Wellbore Failures
  • Real-Time Failure Prediction Technologies
  • Strategies To Minimize The Cost Of Chemicals, Electricity & Water Management
  • Cross-Basin Lessons & Transferable Technologies
  • Near-Future Artificial Lift Technologies: Examine New Technologies And Impact On With Production Performance


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Date and Time

Tue, Jan. 23


Thu, Jan. 25, 2018

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central