Dec. 1, 2016

Southwestern Energy
10000 Energy Drive
Spring, TX 77389

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A follow-up session for the future vision creation.

What is our destination?

James Franks indicated at the MWD Forum that the way to develop a roadmap is to define what your destination should look like and work back from there. So the question is “what does “there” look like?” Join us for this discussion / brainstorming session as we seek to establish the ‘Roadmap for the Future”.

Vision Meeting – December 1 – Southwestern Energy (SWN)

This meeting will include discussions on each of the topics below:

  • Main vision – James Franks
  • Sensors and Readings
  • Down-hole Analytics
    • Drilling
    • Formation
  • High- Speed Telemetry
  • Integrating Steering / Rig
  • Process

What are the steps? The beacons along the way to “Better Boulevard”

  1. Establish the objective and work back from there.
  2. Beacons along the path – Steps to Success
  3. Collaboration not Confrontation
  4. Reduce the Commoditization of the Service
  5. Educate the industry


One vision: The MWD of the future will be an integrated system that collects data from a number of sensors, not only in the tool, but also along the BHA and drill-string as well. This data will be analyzed down-hole by “smart” tools that will not only transmit the data to the surface through high-speed telemetry, but also instruct the steerable BHA to make course corrections based on geo-metric and reservoir dictated readings. The tool will also automatically adjust to changes in drilling conditions, adjusting down-hole and surface parameters to achieve the optimal conditions for the best reservoir delivery from the well, which will be evaluated not only on a mechanical but economic outcome as well. Mechanical and geological parameters will be evaluated and automatically compared to offset data to achieve maximum possible production results and help to drive the completion design. Superior sensors will deliver high-precision, high data-density positional information that will allow optimal placement of not only this well but future drainage points as well.



Discussion Leaders


Blaine Comeaux, Qittitut Consulting, Veteran of Sperry Drilling

David Gibson, Vice President of Drilling Solutions, Lodestar International

Marty Paulk, Consultant, formerly with IEC Systems Corp.

Victor Guerrero, Warrior Technology Services


  • Sensors and Readings
  • Downhole Analytics - Drilling and Formation Evaluation
  • High Speed Telemetry
  • Integrating Steering and Rig
  • Processes






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Southwestern Energy

10000 Energy Drive
Spring, TX 77389


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Date and Time

Thu, Dec. 1, 2016

10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central


Southwestern Energy

10000 Energy Drive
Spring, TX 77389

Event has ended