Craig Brown
, APS Technology

Craig Brown is currently the Vice President of Business Development at APS Technology, where he is responsible for guiding the development and commercialization of the company’s developmental drilling tools and creating new product / new market opportunities. He has a BBA for the Univ of Georgia and a BSME from Ga Tech, and has more than 40 years of experience in a variety of engineering, applications engineering, sales, operations and product line management positions in the downhole drilling tool business with Schlumberger Well Service, Reed Tool Company, Andergauge Drilling Systems and National Oilwell Varco. Craig has held business development and sales and operational management responsibilities. He was active in the SPE and AADE, where he served on the technical program committee and held leadership positions for many years. He is currently active in the IADD.

Ron Dirksen, APS Technology

Ron Dirksen has more than 37 years working experience in the oil and gas industry. He is currently the VP Western Region for APS Technology. Prior to joining APS, he worked at Halliburton – Sperry Drilling for 34 years. Ron has conducted multiple training sessions and programs for all aspects of well construction and well engineering. Over the years, he has been engaged in the planning and execution of multiple exploration, drilling and field development programs globally, in virtually every application and challenging environment. Ron holds several patents in Drilling Technology, Formation Evaluation and hydrocarbon recovery technologies.

Chris Ely, Janel

Chris Ely is the CEO at and has more than 20 years of drilling exploration knowledge and experience. He began his oilfield career with Nabors Industries after graduating college with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Administration from Sam Huston State University. He later joined Schlumberger as an MWD/LWD Engineer. Since then, Chris has dedicated his career to directional drilling services, holding positions at several companies in three continents and more than eight countries. He has assisted directional drilling companies with technical process writing, operations management, risk analysis and training programs, while creating structure for a successful business model that ensures customer focus and reliability.

David Gibson, VP of Drilling Solutions - Lodestar International

David Gibson is the Vice President of Drilling Solutions for Lodestar International. A 10+ year veteran in the directional drilling and MWD/LWD business, he has worked for major and independent service providers, both onshore and offshore, around the world. David is a member of the ISCWSA Education subcommittee group, and is one of five editors in charge of the Introduction to Wellbore Positioning͟. He studied Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UT-Arlington.

Brian Hammit, Senior Drilling Engineer - Hess Corporation

Brian Hammit has been working in the Bakken as a Senior Drilling Engineer at Hess Corporation for two plus years. He has been in the industry for eight years and previously worked in the Permian, Eagle Ford, Haynesville, and Tuscaloosa Marine Shale. He graduated from Texas Christian University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. 
Justin Kibbey, Shell

Justin Kibbey is a Wells Engineer PTW/T/DMT at Shell Projects & Technology. He spent seven years as an MWD operator and Directional Driller for various service companies, mainly in the Northeast. He joined Shell five years ago, operating their automated drilling rig, SCADAdrill program. During this time, their team drilled best-in-class wells for Appalachia using the system, and completed the first well that was 100% drilled with SCADAdrill program. More recently, Justin was part of the drilling mechanics technology team that designed automation and advisory applications, specifically around drilling dysfunction and directional drilling.

Blake Kniss, CourseLine Guidance, in partnership with Janel Energy Services

Blake Kniss is currently the President and Founder of CourseLine Guidance Inc., which develops man-less measurement-while-drilling (MWD) technology for the directional drilling market. He has served the domestic oil and gas service sector since 1979, and has experience in a variety of roles, from owner/operator to US operations development and management. An innovator and progressive solutions provider, Blake’s expertise is in MWD guidance system processes and applications.

Steve Krase
, Director of Advanced Wellbore Placement - Nabors Drilling Solutions

Steve Krase is currently the Director of Advanced Wellbore Placement at Nabors Drilling Solutions. He began his career with Exlog as a Logging Geologist in 1980. He worked with Chevron Geosciences and The Superior Oil Company (Petrophysicist) before joining Teleco Oilfield Services as a Product Development Engineer. Steve held various roles in operations and R&D until Teleco’s acquisition by Baker Hughes, where he served as Program Manager for LWD development before joining Halliburton as Global Operations Manager and Director of Engineering for MWD/LWD. In 2000, he put a team together at Navigate Energy Services (NES) to begin working on the first unmanned MWD system, which culminated in the sale of the company to Ryan Directional Services a Nabors company. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Steve is a graduate of the University of Akron and holds a BS in Geology.

Jonathan Lightfoot, Drilling Engineer Consultant - Occidental Oil and Gas Corp

Jonathan Lightfoot is currently a Drilling Engineer Consultant for Occidental Oil and Gas Corp, where he monitors Oxy’s global directional drilling activities and performance through Business Unit office and field visits. Jonathan is active in numerous industry organization – he currently serves as the Program Chair of the SPE Wellbore Positioning Technical Section (WPTS), will be the 2018-19 Chair of the WPTS, and serves on a API workgroup steering committee; API-RP78 Wellbore Positioning Work Group. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)



Ken Miller, Erdos Miller

Ken Miller began his career in the automotive industry, but quickly found his passion in the oil field: downhole tools and upstream technology. He began working with measurement-while-drilling tools at a small oilfield start-up, Teledrill. In 2007, he continued to pursue his passion by founding Erdos Miller, providing design services to oil and gas clients. Ken can quickly understand a new challenge and provides the leadership to deliver the best technical and business solution to client's needs. His business vision and leadership has grown Erdos Miller to the successful engineering and product development firm that it is today. Today Erdos Miller provides superior engineering services to customers looking to gain a competitive advantage through the development of new downhole and surface upstream technology.

Josh Ritchie, Product Developement - Schlumberger

Josh Ritchie has a product development role for Schlumberger, focusing on progressing land-based MWD and rotary steerable technologies. He has worked for Schlumberger for 14 years, beginning as a Field Engineer, and covering various Operations Support and Operations Management positions throughout Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Mexico. Josh was in the United States Marine Corps and holds a Bachelor of Petroleum Engineering with a Geology Minor from West Virginia University.

Doruk Sargin, Product Champion for Drilling & Measurments - Schlumberger

Doruk Sargin currently works at Schlumberger as the Product Champion for Drilling & Measurements, focusing on Petrophysics Technology Portfolio and Gyro While Drilling. He joined Schlumberger Drilling & Measurements in 2007. After working in Norway and Angola as a field engineer, he was assigned to the role of Field Service Manager in Angola, in charge of deepwater operations. He transferred to the UK as Drilling Services Manager, and then to Turkmenistan as Operations Manager of Drilling & Measurements and Bits & Drilling Tools Segments. Doruk has a BSc Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineering (METU, Turkey).

Dave Switzer, VP of Operations - Inpetro Energy

Dave Switzer, P.Eng.,is the Vice President of Operations for Inpetro Energy. With 22 years of engineering experience, he has been a part of five ground-up MWD developments for EM, MP and acoustic telemetry. His roles included: new product development, product sustaining, and field operations support. In addition to being responsible for managing the commercial development of the EVO product line at Inpetro Energy, Dave has significant engineering experience with mechanical and systems design, physics, drilling automation systems and survey management.


Alan Tannehill, Inpetro

Alan Tannehill currently serves as a Sales Manager for Inpetro Energy: the creator of the EVO1 Unified Telemetry (EM/Pulse MWD) tool. He started his oilfield career in the early 1980s as an MWD operator for Teleco Oilfield Services, then worked as a Horizontal Drilling Applications Specialist for Drilex Systems, a DD/LWD sales position with Anadrill/Schlumberger, a BD Manager & MLT Product Champion for Halliburton/Sperry Sun, and a DD/LWD Technical Advisor for Weatherford. He is the author of several SPE papers on Directional Drilling and LWD topics and was awarded Best Paper at SPE Abuja in 2002. He helped co-found IADD in 2006.