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The Directional Drilling Company

Performance in the field is what it is all about. DDC’s directional drillers are at home on the rig floor where they started out and where they spend most of their time when running your directional job. We understand that you can’t optimize directional operations from the shack and that’s why you will always find DDC directional drillers on the rig floor where they need to be, looking after your business.

DDC’s performance objective on every job is to complete the project within budget and in the planned number of drilling days. This can only be accomplished with experienced people that can read the wellbore, make hole and make the right decisions with the information at hand. Our field personnel are also backed by DDC’s executive team with each member averaging more than 30 years of directional drilling experience. The equation is straight forward; combining an entire team of knowledgeable, industry experienced professionals with high quality directional drilling and well planning tools equals industry leading directional performance 鉗16 and DDC has the performance statistics to back it up.

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