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Intrepid Directional Drilling Specialists

From its inception, Intrepid has had a single minded business objective: To be the leading supplier of performance directional drilling services in the United States domestic market. To accomplish this objective, Intrepid was founded with a very simple philosophy; "Stay Focused and Perform"!  Single Market Focus The Intrepid management team has over 100 years of combined experience in large and small, domestic and international directional service companies. Experience shows that large vertically integrated companies, who provide directional services as a single facet of their overall business; and who try to simultaneously penetrate the equally complex domestic and international markets; almost always develop a lack of market focus. The lack of single market focus causes them to gravitate to a one size fits all approach; with the inevitable consequence that they end up sacrificing service quality and client support, while they struggle to serve the unique needs of both markets. Experience also shows that small directional service companies lack the vision, technical focus and financial capability required to provide long term service quality and client support.

Smaller companies are often formed by individual directional drillers or group of directional drillers with one or two key clients. While they may have specific field level operational experience; they lack the broader operational management experience, business acumen and financial stability necessary to develop the infrastructure, personnel and technology required to provide outstanding service quality and client support. Intrepid is committed to remaining focused on its core business, performance directional drilling, in the U.S. domestic market. By providing the best technology and personnel available, for the cost sensitive and extremely demanding directional drilling applications in the U.S. land and offshore markets; we are confident we will make Intrepid the preeminent supplier of quality directional services in the U.S. today. Although there is an increasing number of smaller players in the highly competitive U.S. domestic market, the Intrepid management team is convinced there is a need for a competent, professionally managed, service oriented directional provider, that can capitalize on the strengths of the small, flexible independent, as well as, the large technology driven major.

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