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International Directional Services

As a trusted leader, we bring a level of reliability that includes implementation, as well as the sale and rental of our proven tools. We had a grassroots beginning in Navi-dril™ bringing oilfield tools to solve mining related drilling challenges, originally in the USA and Canada. As a result of growth and ownership evolution, we renamed our downhole motor to Accu-dril™ and further improved its design, performance and options. It was in that time, we recognized a burgeoning need for directional drilling and borehole survey services in several related fields.

Accu-dril™ is the signature directional down-hole motor created and utilized by IDS. With an industry trusted and proven performance record in directional drilling, IDS is confident in Accu-dril™ to deliver reliable results, a long utilization life and versatile options.

IDS has a long history in borehole deviation survey services across the globe, primarily in the mining industry. As well, we have an extensive history of providing quality deviation survey services in both the civil construction and energy markets utilizing a broad spectrum of magnetic and inertial guidance instruments. We maintain a large technical staff and fleet of surveying and directional drilling equipment to meet nearly any drilling design challenge imaginable.

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