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GeoWells International Ltd.

GeoWells International Limited is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, also known as the navel of African. The Company employs experts with approximately 20 years experience. Our people have worked worldwide in locations that include the Europe, U.S., Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

GeoWells International delivers a wide range of services to the natural resources industry in Africa; Drilling and tools, mining and Minerals, Transmission and Distribution, Renewable Energy, Government and Defense, Support Services, Transport, and Infrastructure,; Oil and Gas, Power and Industrial Services, Ventures business segments.

GeoWells International Limited is also an industry leader in transforming hydrocarbon resources into value across all sectors of the energy and chemicals industries. By partnering with other corporations, we are able to get involved in designing and constructing energy and petrochemical projects that offer the latest and best process and design technologies, we seek to establish a solid position as a partner to water, mining, oil and gas and geothermal owners, investors, developers and operators in meeting the ever-increasing demand in the field.

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