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Altiss Technology
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ALTISS TECHNOLOGIES provides Aluminum Drill Pipe and patent pending Aluminum Toe Casing to the directional drilling community, and product design, testing, and contract engineering services to all companies in the oil and gas industry. We are dedicated to the drilling industry through our rental programs of Aluminum Drill Pipe, and are the only service company focused on engineered applications of ALDP. Our strong material science and metallurgical background, coupled with years of drilling experience and ongoing projects, support ALDP’s increased usage in both vertical and horizontal wells, onshore and offshore. The ALTISS Aluminum Toe Casing is designed specifically to lighten the toe of the casing and reduce torque and drag to ensure the casing lands at TD, maximizing hydrocarbon recovery. The low modulus of elasticity of aluminum allows it to easily flex around severe dog legs and the low density reduces the weight and drag of the entire casing string. ALTISS also keeps stock of small diameter Titanium drill pipe for short radius drilling projects. The low modulus of the titanium allows for exceptional flexibility and a nearly infinite fatigue life while maintaining a high strength. Capable of drilling curves over 75°/100 feet, this allows for shorter build sections which increases the amount of pay zone exposure. We support all of our drilling projects through the use of DrillScan Torque and Drag software, and use state-of-the-art Solidworks™ CAD software in combination with both Solidworks Simulation™ and advanced ABAQUS FEA modeling software for other engineering projects. With expert practitioners on staff, ALTISS TECHNOLOGIES can provide design, design review, and finite element analysis (FEA) simulation to insure that complex engineered components will perform as they are expected. ALTISS TECHNOLOGIES, LLC Tel: +1 (832) 288-5972 ContactUs@