Mud Motors Vs. Rotary Steerable Mini Forum 2017

Mud Motor vs Rotary Steerable - Barriers to Entry Presentation

David Barker, Bico Drilling - RST Assist Presentation

Stu Keller, Oxy - MM vs RSS Risked Economics Calculator Presentation

Troy Oney, Synergy Holdings - Borehole Quality Presentation


Targeted Technology Series 2017, MWD Forum and Golf Tournament

Doruk Sargin, Schlumberger - GDIS Presentation

David Gibson, Lodestar International - Drilling Mechanics Presentation

Ron Dirksen, APS Technology - APS Presentation

Kenneth Miller, ErdosMiller - Engineering Presentation

Alan Tannehill, Evolution Engineering - M/LWD Applications Presentation

Blaine Comeaux, Qittitut Consulting - MWD Presentation

Dave Switzer, Evolution Engineering - MWD Features and Devlopment Presentation

Josh Ritchie, Schlumberger -  Drilling and Measurements Presentation


IADD February 2017 10K+ ERD Topical Forum

Iain Hutchison, Merlin ERD - "ULL & ERD Wells Challenges & Solutions"

Steve Jones, Sanvean Technologies / Scout Downhole - "Accelerate the Learning Curve with Downhole Drilling Dynamics Measurements"

Katie Mills, DrillScan - "Micro Dogleg Detection with Continuous Inclination Measurements and Advanced BHA Modeling"

Fred Growcock, Retired from Oxy - "Drilling Fluids Can Help Push the Limits of ERD Wells"

Brandon Foster, K&M Technologies - "Physics Based Drilling Engineering"

Stu Keller, Occidental Oil & Gas Corp - "Drilling Cost - Effective 10K+ Laterals"

Ryan Davis, Occidental Oil & Gas Corp. - "Fundamental Changes in Practice Drive Step-Changes in Performance"

Danielle Reyna, Parsley Energy - "Overcoming Obstacles Together with RSS"

Chad Hanak, Superior QC - "Reducing Well-to-Well Spacing Error/Uncertainty Using Survey FDIR"

Robert Sutton, Consultant; Stuart Cox, PetroEdge Energy - "Effect of Lateral Geometry on Well Performance"

Marc Willerth, MagVar - "Uncertainty and Risk Management: Getting Away from Separation Factors"

Christian Brown, Altiss Technologies - "The Application of Aluminum Toe Casing for Landing Production Strings in Extended Lateral Wells"


IADD Houston North Luncheons

IADD January 2017 Luncheon - Chris Ely, Wellsite - "Innovating Business Strategies in Changing Markets"

IADD July 2016 Luncheon - L.W. (Roy) Ledgerwood III, Baker Hughes Drill Bit Research - "The effect of bit type on reactive Torque and consequent toolface control anomalies"