Drilling conditions experienced today can be extremely hard on downhole products, and particularly hard on power sections for downhole motors. Whether it be in a horizontal or directional drilling application, power section damages, and sometimes even failures, are a common occurrence. In an effort to help identify and standardize the terminology used to describe damages to rotors and stators, PV Fluid Products created two separate posters that can be used to evaluate these damages.

The Rotor Service Issues poster details the effects of corrosive elements in the drilling fluid and other mechanical issues that can affect the service life of the rotor and ultimately the performance of a downhole motor.

The Stator Service Issues poster illustrates many of the common modes of failure of a power section stator and provides useful terminology to explain the types of damages seen. Chunking, splitting or ribbing are just a few of the mechanical issues that can plague the life span of a stator.

To reduce costs and to help prevent damages or failure downhole, the effective identification of the service issues experienced is essential to the selection of the most appropriate power section for a given drilling application.

Rotor Service Issues Poster

Stator Service Poster